Friday, April 30, 2010

ALTER ALERT: Tiny-Ass Apartment

They say limitation breeds creativity, and that's just as true for interiors as it is with any other medium. And no one knows that better than the folks at our sister site, Tiny-Ass Apartment.

The Tiny-Ass Apartment blog was started when design enthusiast Simone Chavoor got tired of reading blog after magazine article after catalogue and finding only ideas for those with huge houses and tons of disposable income. She had none of these -- just a 300 square foot studio in Hollywood, a microscopic budget, and a strict landlord. Simone began gathering small-space ideas from other sites, as well as offering advice from her own experience.

One of the "Real-Life Tiny-Ass Apartments," featuring the home of a Boston couple (and their puppy!)

Tiny-Ass Apartment (or TAA) also has a regular feature called "Real-Life Tiny-Ass Apartment," which features both her own friends and reader submissions. It's refreshing to see real people's takes on real apartments, instead of homes that have had whole styling teams descend upon them for a photo shoot.

TAA covers everything from storage solutions to ideas for dividing up space to making clever use of often overlooked nooks and crannies. It's perfect for someone about to move into a TAA of their own (one Real-Life Tiny-Ass Apartment entry featured a dorm room, and I know lots of you out there are young, broke, and fabulous yourselves), someone already in one but looking to make their space more efficient and beautiful, or even those who don't live in small apartments, but are still looking for new ideas for their homes.

It's a blog about big-ass style in a tiny-ass apartment -- and that's why we here at ALTER love it.

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