Friday, May 21, 2010

Shaken n' Stirred Design

I'm a lady who enjoys a cocktail (or two) (or thee) (I don't have I problem, I can stop at any time). Whether I'm hosting a ladies' night at my place, or just unwinding in front of the TiVo, there's nothing like hearing the ice clink against the glass as I sip my mojito.

As you know, just as I appreciate a stiff drink, I appreciate innovative design as well. When designers put a new spin on a houseware staple, the results can be more efficient and, well, cooler.

This ice cube tray, from Joseph Joseph and featured on Dornob, is a perfect example. Instead of twisting and bending the tray like you do with your old-school ones, you pull a lil' lever on the underside and POP! Out comes a perfect cube. No more running hot water over the tray, no more banging it on the side of the sink, no more turning it upside-down just to have them all fall out onto the floor.

You'll save time and aggravation while looking like a brilliant hostess as you mix drinks for your friends. They may even reconsider holding that intervention for you...

Via Dornob.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They're fake, and they're spectacular

All right, I know the famous line from Seinfeld is, "They're real and they're spectacular," but interior design is a little different than, ahem, surgical enhancements. When it comes to our bodies, keeping it real is the cost-effective alternative. But in design, "real" means "authentic designer pieces." That is to say, "real" = "expensive."

But how can you keep on trend without maxing out your already overused credit cards? After all, that Chippendale chair looks great -- but if you're living in a cardboard box, it's going to spoil the effect.

Copy Cat Chic is an amazing website where Reichel B. picks out high end pieces and finds their cheap-o counterparts. The original piece can either be something trendy, like zig-zag rugs, or iconic, like Eames chairs.

Let's take a look at her latest find:

Williams Sonoma Home's Hampstead Mirror
= $446.25

Ballard Design's Greek Key Mirror
= $269

That's a 40% savings for a piece that practically the same, and unless your friends are label whores, no one's gonna know the difference. And with all that cash left over, you can always send some my way as a thank-you for pointing out this awesome site.