Wednesday, April 21, 2010

B&A: An Armoire in Three Drafts

Well, boys and girls, I thought that this Wednesday I'd give you a little break from my house's "before and durings" to take a peek at what everyone else has been working on in blog-land! My place is still rollin' along, thankyouverymuch, and I can't wait to finally have some "afters" for you instead of all those "durings!" But we all need a break from time to time -- even when you're working on a project, it helps to take a breather, take a walk, and return to your work with a refreshed outlook.

The armoire before

Rebekah from Artsy Craftsy Babe was featured in Design*Sponge's own Before & After series. She took a plain, kinda country-crafts looking cedar armoire form the 1950s and gave it a glam makeover.

During its whitewash phase

Rebekah grew tired of the wood finish, and gave it a whitewash to try something new. She didn't love it, but it was still an upgrade from its previous incarnation.

The final version

Still, this second look was more "shabby" and less "chic." Rebekah hit it up with some gray paint and some white detailing, and ta da! This armoire just went from country to shabby to polished n' glam.

It's truly amazing what a few coats of paint can do, and even more amazing what you can do with a little detail work. The white lines on the armoire are so simple, but make a world of difference.

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Via Design*Sponge and Artsy Craftsy Babe.