Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flea Market Finds

My style thrives on eclectic finds! The best way to supplement your interior with one-of-a-kind pieces is to shop a flea market. Everyone has a home filled with store bought items, because that's the way we live. I get it! But when you wanna create a unique fingerprint for your place, you've got to add a few original and interesting pieces. Make a "SpacePrint!"

Perfectly Distressed

Flirting with color

I understand the hesitation with flea markets... I do! You may think it's used junk or cheap crap, but it's NOT! Sure, you'll find some useless junk, but amazing gems can be found if you keep your eyes open. While I strolled through the Rose Bowl with my childlike mindset, I thought, "This is such a great resource, especially in LA! I must spread the word... Go, find your unique SpacePrints!"

Mix Up Your Cubby Bins

ALTER Tips: Hunting for Gems

Go early and wear sunscreen. There's a lot to see! Go early and give yourself plenty of time to roam around. Plus... you're in direct sunlight, so lather up!

ALL prices are negotiable. Enough said, so bargain away.

Have a plan. It's easy to get overwhelmed and overthink, so have an idea of what you'd like to find before you go. For example, think: "Today I'm looking for a colorful lamp, something for my kitchen wall, and rustic side tables." Keep your mind open to other things, but have an idea of what you NEED and where you'd like to add a "SpacePrint."

Not everything is used, old, and/or cheap. DO NOT ASSUME everything is cheap! A great vintage or antique find, new and antique furniture, or original art may cost you a pretty penny, but it'll be worth it! (And on that note, take cash. Some vendors take credit, but it's a whole lot easier to pay and go.)

Bring a truck. If ya got one, bring one. Especially if you're in the market for large items. Most vendors will offer delivery, but this may save you a few bucks!

Ask for a business card. Lots of the vendors have workshops or stores. If you like something but need to think about it or measure a space, get a card and call them later.

Pay and pick up later. If you buy something that's heavy or awkward to carry, leave it at the booth and pick it up on your way out.

Walk away. If you're not sure, think about it. If it's gone when you come back, it wasn't meant to be.

If nothing else, go for the people watching!