Wednesday, April 28, 2010

B&A: House of Hoarding Horrors

Sometimes you gotta look at before and after pictures not to be inspired by the "after" pictures, but to scare the crap outta yourself with the "befores." After seeing this transformation on Hooked On Houses, I went and cleaned out my hall closet. Guys, don't ever let me live like this. If I start hoarding, just do me a favor and put me out of my misery. Otherwise I might end up trapped and suffocating under a pile of stuff, my corpse rotting away undiscovered for weeks...

Here's the exterior. Looks safe enough.

But inside is another story. Here's the living room...

... the kitchen...

... and who knows what the hell this room was!

Thankfully, this house was bought for a song and flipped. Even though the afters are kinda boring, it's such an incredible difference!

The living room after

The kitchen after

Whew! I feel like I was holding my breath in the "before" pics, and in the "after" pics I could finally breathe!

Maybe in addition to an "inspiration board" we should all have "anti-inspiration boards" -- the things we know we DON'T want our homes to look like! I know this one will be on mine.

Via Hooked On Houses.

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