Monday, March 15, 2010

Q&A: Making Painted Ceilings Easy (Like Sunday Morning)

Dear Jackie,

I was an an 80s party this weekend, and I think it was the influence of Lionel Richie tunes, but now all I can think of is CEILINGS! What's something new I can try, besides dancing on them?

Say You, Say Me

Dear SYSM,

Oh! What a feeling! When we're painting on the ceiling!

That's right, painting your ceiling a color other than white is something you can try to bring in unexpected color to any room. Don't worry, we're not talking this:

We're talking this:

Painting your ceiling can either totally transform a room, or add a lil' something extra, depending on how you do it. (And no matter how you do it, make sure you've got enough dropcloths and protective eyewear when you're doing it!) There are many different combinations to consider. The one above has white walls with a bright, bold ceiling. You could also continue the color of your painted walls up to the ceiling, do contrasting colors, or experiment! (Click pics for links.)

The light blue of the kitchen walls extend up to the ceiling

The red peeks out behind the white exposed beams in an otherwise white kitchen.

I love how the aqua blue comes down over the molding and fades into the white walls

A glossy taupe and a flat white were used to create this geometrically-patterned ceiling

A dark royal purple is pulled off by keeping the rest of the room light and airy

Bright colors can impart cheeriness and energy, and usually look best when paired with white walls to give the eyes a little relief when not looking up. Lighter colors are easier to pull off, and can be paired with almost anything. Darker colors -- even black can be used! -- are trickier. They add drama, but can make the ceiling feel lower and the room smaller. It's best to keep the rest of the room light and clean to keep if from feeling like a cave.

So there you have it, Commodore! Your ceilings are ready to go all night long (all niiiiight!) -- I just hope you don't have any upstairs neighbors!

Via Apartment Therapy, Decorology, Design*Sponge, and Resene NZ.

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