Saturday, March 20, 2010

ALTER ALERT: Kellygreen Home

It has been GORGEOUS in Los Angeles lately. Hate to break it to ya, Rest Of The U.S.A., but living in California is pretty sweet. It makes you stop and reflect about the beauty of the earth, and nature, and how we must protect our environment... And it's true -- except I'm doing it out of purely selfish reasons! I want to keep the gorgeous weather and warm breezes and flowering trees so I can enjoy them. ME!

I also selfishly want to have a beautiful home. So, if you're like me and you want to give yourself a beautiful place to live on both a global and household level, do what I do and visit Kellygreen Home in Silver Lake in Los Angeles.

Kellygreen Home is the creation of Kelly Van Patter, a designer who focuses on environmentally friendly designs. Not only has she done private residential and commercial projects, but Kelly's worked as a production designer on multiple TV shows. Using all of her experience and her passion for green living, she put together Kellygreen Home, a shop where her customers could feel confident in their purchases. All products are carefully researched to make sure they meet Kelly's high standards of sustainability, eco-friendliness, locally-created, fair trade... No matter what you purchase, you're guaranteed to have a Mother Nature-approved item in your bag.

But enough about the environment -- now back to me! The stuff on Kellygreen Home's shelves is also really cute! These Acacia bowls are perfect for building a vignette on your kitchen or dining table; and these on-the-go utensils will brighten up any boring takeout lunch. I find myself lusting after just about everything in the store!

So the next time you're in the Silver Lake neighborhood of L.A. -- or if you're doing some online shopping -- treat yourself to a visit to Kellygreen Home. Mother Nature will thank you too.

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