Wednesday, March 17, 2010

B&D: Mi casa!

I know that Wednesday usually means Before & Afters here at ALTER, but today you're gonna have to deal with a B&D -- a "Before and During." That's 'cause the place isn't done yet. We're going to be going through the process together -- after all, this time the place we're featuring is MY place!

Yep, I've got some new digs that I'm the middle of making over. It's definitely not been easy. The place was a TOTAL shambles when I first got there, but I could see right through the ickiness and visualize my dream home. It had everything I needed -- or at least, it would after I did a little work.

The kitchen before...

The kitchen "during"...

Here's what I was looking for: an outdoor area for my puppy-dog, an office and hopefully also a separate creative space, washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal (basically anything that'll do the cleaning for me!), hardwood floors, big windows that let in lots of natural light, and I wanted it on the East Side of LA. (East Syyyyde!)

I knew I was asking a lot, but when I saw this place I had a feeling in my gut that I had found it. Yeah, I needed to fly in my brother from Michigan and beg all my friends to pitch in, but they're amazing people who really came through for me (and that's one of the many reasons why I love 'em!).

I'm going to share my aches and pains here every Wednesday until it's done! It's coming together slowly but surely, and it's finally livable.  I'll share my nightmare of a bathroom next week, so stay tuned for the drama.

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