Monday, May 24, 2010

Who's a good boy? You are!

Although my mind and creative spirit are almost all design, all the time, I have to say that my heart belongs to my puppy. Dax, my one-eared dog, is probably the most awesome dog in the world... although I know that any dog owner reading this will probably disagree!

When we think of our homes, it's not just our wallpaper and paint choices or our furniture that makes us smile. It's the thought of our pets running to the door to greet us as we walk in. "Home is where the heart is" might as well be "home is where your dog is."

But just because you've got a furry baby of your own doesn't mean you can't have a stylish pad! (It just means you've got to invest in more lint rollers!) Desire to Inspire has a recurring column on Mondays called "Pets on Furniture" and it's pretty self-explanatory. Readers submit pictures of their widdle bebehs posed on their coolest furniture finds. A puppy in an Eames? A kitten on a Saarinen? Totally adorbs.

They're so godamnned cute you won't even be tempted to yell "Hey! OFF!" Better to let sleeping dogs lie -- especially if they're sleeping on equally handsome pieces.

Via Desire to Inspire.

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