Friday, May 21, 2010

Shaken n' Stirred Design

I'm a lady who enjoys a cocktail (or two) (or thee) (I don't have I problem, I can stop at any time). Whether I'm hosting a ladies' night at my place, or just unwinding in front of the TiVo, there's nothing like hearing the ice clink against the glass as I sip my mojito.

As you know, just as I appreciate a stiff drink, I appreciate innovative design as well. When designers put a new spin on a houseware staple, the results can be more efficient and, well, cooler.

This ice cube tray, from Joseph Joseph and featured on Dornob, is a perfect example. Instead of twisting and bending the tray like you do with your old-school ones, you pull a lil' lever on the underside and POP! Out comes a perfect cube. No more running hot water over the tray, no more banging it on the side of the sink, no more turning it upside-down just to have them all fall out onto the floor.

You'll save time and aggravation while looking like a brilliant hostess as you mix drinks for your friends. They may even reconsider holding that intervention for you...

Via Dornob.

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