Friday, April 2, 2010

ALTER Alert: ReadyMade Magazine

The idea of a book club is so appealing: you find new books to read, you find new friends, and you get to sit around discussing it like the smarty-pants you know you are.

Unfortunately, so many of us are so busy that we don't have time to finish reading a Tweet, let alone a whole book! That's why I'm makin' like Oprah and starting my own book magazine club!

If you're into DIY (both the actual projects and the culture surrounding the DIY movement), you've got to be reading ReadyMade Magazine.

ReadyMade was founded in 2001 by chief editor Shoshana Berger and publisher Grace Hawthorne in Berkeley, California. It's a bi-monthly magazine that features projects in interior design and home improvement, furniture making, crafts and sewing, even metal- and wood-working.

Wine crate kitchen cabinets featured on their "Build It" section

ReadyMade also focuses on sustainability in both your projects and lifestyle. It goes hand-in-hand with their DIY message -- after all, if you're making your own things, you don't have to buy them, do you? They also have music and food features; their current issue (Issue #46) just so happens to be their food issue. Oh man, does that ginger ricotta tart with rhubarb and strawberry jam look good...

They also have blogs if you just can't wait for the next issue! Check out "Inside, Out" for their home and garden posts.

Even though a magazine is a quicker read (and it's got lots of pretty pictures), the ideas you'll get from it will keep you busy for a long time. So it's okay -- I'll forgive you if you can't come to my next magazine club meeting.

With additional information from Wikipedia and Charles & Hudson.

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