Wednesday, March 31, 2010

B&D: Where the magic happens

You remember the show, "MTV Cribs?" How could you not? It was like old-school "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" on CRACK. The fast editing, the speeded-up walkthroughs of the houses, the insane blinged-out gadgets all those overpaid singers wasted their money on, and, of course, the catchphrase when anyone walked into their bedroom: "This is where the magic happens."

Giving you a peek into my new house has made me feel a little like I'm on my own episode of "Cribs" -- with less bling, unfortunately. But still, I'm excited to show you where "the magic happens": my studio and office!

Let me first clarify that there is PLENTY of magic goin' on in the bedroom. But let's leave that for a different blog. Today we'll see where the design magic happens.

The studio before

As you can see, the studio started out with dirty-white walls and that gawdawful flooring. Though I'm not done yet, I think It's looking a lot better with the hardwood floors and a bit o' cleaning. I still have to do some organizing within the built-ins: getting some colorful bins for my tools, rearranging my books. The walls n' windows could use some sprucing up with some artwork and window treatments, but hey, that's why this is a B&D -- it's still a work in progress!

The studio during

Another view of the studio with the doorway to the office

The office has seen some BIG improvement too, but I still have a few details to add. I'm thinking a fancy paint job in here, maybe some stenciling and/or chalkboard paint!

The office before

The office during

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