Wednesday, January 27, 2010

B&A: Balcony

Let's face the facts; one of the only pitfalls of living in urban areas is the lack of outdoor living space. If you are fortunate enough to have a precious rectangle of outdoor space, you then have to factor in your view (or lack thereof!). Most places look directly into other apartments, or literally a brick wall. Chances are there is not much privacy, a few nosy neighbors peering in, that token neighbor that thinks it’s okay to chain smoke on his balcony and yell obscenities in a foreign language at the television... I don’t think anybody would be happy with that view!

Balcony Before

Balcony After

Creating a private sanctuary is essential for every city dweller to unwind. A project in a multi-unit building that the ALTER team just finished had this very issue: the lack of a nice view. We created a beautiful solution with a visit to the local hardware store. We picked up some window planters, 5’ bamboo poles, willow twigs, and a nice variety of large succulents. This is a great DIY project!

Check back for a full video of the private balcony sanctuary!

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