Friday, May 14, 2010

ALTER Alert: Franken-rugs

It's alive! ALIVE! Bwa ha ha ha haaa!

Okay, it's not really alive. It's a rug.

But like Dr. Frankenstein's famous creation, these rugs are sewn-together "mash-ups" that are completely unique. And unlike Frankenstein's monster, you don't need the electricity from a lightning strike to make one.

This easy DIY project helps you create a custom-sized rug whereever you need it. Simply take several smaller rugs (flat-woven rugs work best for this project) and sew them together. You could go for a seamless look, using matching rugs and matching thread, or, like the picture below, matching rugs with contrasting thread that creates s simple geometric pattern.

From Apartment Therapy: Chicago

Or you could go completely mad! Mad, I tell you! Mad! Bwa ha ha ha haaa!

Uh, sorry. I just really like that mad scientist evil laugh.

Anyway, you can also sew together mismatched rugs, bringing in different colors and patterns. Your finished product doesn't even have to be a rectangle, as shown by this rug, which was featured on CasaSugar (go to the link for more pics).

It's the best kind of DIY project: easy, cheap, and allows for infinite kinds of customization. You'll also be in good company. After all, Dr. Frankenstein was kind of the ultimate do-it-yourself-er.

Via CasaSugar and Apartment Therapy: Chicago.

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