Wednesday, April 7, 2010

B&D: Livin' La Vida Azul

"Living room" is such a literal term, dontcha think? It's a room where you do your living: entertaining, dining, watching TV, reading, just about anything that isn't sleeping or using the bathroom. (Unless you're really, really tired or had a few too many cocktails -- but let's not get into that.)

When I moved into my new place, the living room was dull and dreary -- and you know that that's NOT how I live my life!


I wanted to brighten up the room and liven things up with some COLOR! The beautiful built-ins needed a bit of refreshing, so we cleaned them up. But the biggest change was the wall color. It was out with that depressing "greige" color, and in wish some cool blue!


You'll notice that I'm working two tones of blue that compliment each other while still keeping things visually interesting. I also kept an eye on the details, and painted the interiors of the built-ins to that the bright color really permeated the space.

As with the rest of my home, I've still got a ways to go. Window treatments, lighting fixtures... They'll come in time. But you can already see more of ME peeking through in this room. I mean, do I look like a greige person to you?

Still "during," but a bit later!

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