Monday, March 8, 2010

Wall Scrawls

Any good dive bar or club's gonna have a nasty, trashed bathroom. But those sticky stalls hold both art and comedy gold (at least, if you're already three martinis in): the writing on the walls. You can always find a few gems among the "So-And-So Wuz Here" and "What's-Her-Name is a bitch" as you're praying to the porcelain gods.

Why not bring that experience home, minus the risk of liver damage or infectious disease? And why not do it in a cool, sophisticated, and totally erasable way?

Chalkboard paint is a trend that's been around for the past year or so, starting out mostly in kids' play areas. But Wieden + Kennedy, an advertising agency in London, brings the fun without the grunge in their office bathroom, above.

Chalkboard-painted walls are a lot of fun. A few coats of paint and you're ready to make like an elementary school kid whose teacher has left the room. But don't forget about all the other stuff you can paint! ANYTHING can be an instant message board or place for temporary artwork.

A chalkboard doorway and a faux headboard, both from Apartment Therapy. (Click pic for link.)

Write your grocery list on your fridge, or your menu on your dining table (from Design*Sponge)

And if the dark paint is a little too rock n' roll for you, Hudson offers chalkboard paint in 24 different colors.

Now you'll be able to write "For a good time, call..." any time, any place, any color.

Via Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, and CasaSugar.

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