Wednesday, February 24, 2010

B&A: Wander Films

For today's ALTER before & after, it's "Take Your Designer To Work" day! Sure, you could observe "Take Your Daughter To Work" day, but those crayon drawings she does really won't add much to the decor.

The goal of any office or workspace is productivity, and Wander Films, seen in here in these pictures, is no exception. We started with a completely empty two-room suite that required a little work. Still, the large windows and high ceilings brought in a ton of light and character.


The art we put on the walls plays with scale: some are big, some are small. We also brought in an old-school chalkboard that's not only charming, but creates a hub for communication throughout the office. For the furniture, we played with a mix of the modern and the rustic. The sleek metal-and-glass tables contrast with the leather chairs and heavy wooden mini-conference table. The combination keeps the space from feeling either too sterile and dentist's office-y, and also from feeling too folksy and log cabin-y.


With no built-in storage, we had to bring in our own. Organization and having a place to store all your stuff is essential to having an efficient workplace. Piles of paper, office supplies, and other crap all over your desk can leave you feeling overwhelmed -- not the feeling you're looking for when you're trying to work! You need to feel like hell yeah, bring it on! Whatchu got for me? And so, the large wood-and-metal bookshelf, file cabinets, and side tables are the perfect way keep your things neatly put away and your desk clear.

So you see, bringing your designer to work can really benefit your working life. Now, if you want Girl Scout cookies, you're still going to have to bring in little Suzy. Mmm, Girl Scout cookies...

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