Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B&A: Bookworm's retreat

To say that Caroline is a bookworm would be a gross understatement. She's a voracious reader who doesn't just read books, but practically devours them.

Her home in Los Angeles is adorable and full of beautiful pieces, but it lacked a punch of color, needed a bit of organizing, and of course, needed a place to put her library!


We ALTERed her dining room by first painting the walls an eye-popping shade of fuchsia. It's a risky color, but also fun and unexpected. And with the wall-mounted shelves and artfully arranged books, it toned down the color so that it peeks out playfully behind the volumes.


The furniture was rearranged, and the shelves helped contain the remaining clutter. A funky patterned tablecloth over the table, and voila! You would never be able to tell that this bright, energetic library was the same room as the white-walled one above.

Caroline's place really speaks to the importance of knowing yourself before you undertake any [re]design project. You have to consider what function the room needs to perform, and once you've got your "need" out of the way, you've got to think about your "wants!" Caroline needed a place to store her books, but wanted a colorful and vibrant room for them.

Don't forget: your home is all about you, baby!

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