Sunday, November 22, 2009

ReOrganize It!

Have you ever spent your whole Saturday afternoon organizing your workspace, only to find it in the same mess only a few days later? Statistics show that work efficiency increases when the mess deceases.

Getting and staying organized can be an uphill battle, especially if you don't have time in your busy schedule to embrace your inner neat freak.  Here are a few tips to help you be the master of your disaster.

Get rid of clutter - only keep items out that you use on a daily basis, or on a particular project, so you are free from distraction, this keeps your mind focused on the task at hand which also promotes efficiency.

Utilize wall space - If you have a lack of table top workspace, build up. It can be as simple as installing a shelf or bulletin board. Having ample workspace can alleviate external stresses, fostering more focused daily activities.

Don't make exceptions - If you have not used it in over six months, chances are you don't need it. Donate items to your local Goodwill or throw recyclables in the bin.   For those of you who live in a big city, throw your unwanted items in a box with the words "FREE" written across the front, place it in front of your building or house and watch how long it takes to disappear.

Have a motivation - getting rid of distractions makes it possible for us to live our remarkable lives. If you are motivated to be organized, your goal will be more likely to be obtained. Maybe you have a new business that you want to thrive, maybe you have a small child's safety in your hands, maybe you have an inner minimalist that is dying to emerge. Whatever your motivating factor, use it as a tool to keep your life organized.

Don't sweat the small stuff - organizing small things that you use regularly and may need at your finger tips, can be frustrating. Most of the manufactured organizational products are either impractical due to sizing or super unattractive. While searching for a pretty way to organize my small items, I ran across Stash by Boon (comes in black or white). They can sit on your desk top or be attached to the wall.

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